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About Annie Goes to Oak Island

In the fall of 2018, Cyndi Bussey, her neighbor Ray Johnson, and her dog Annie, drove up to Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. They went to take a tour on the famous Oak Island, featured in the TV show, History's The Curse of Oak Island. Cyndi and Ray both breed and show whippets, and both are diehard fans of the TV show. The drive was long but worth it! They met the cast of the show, took a tour, visited the gift shop. On the thirteen hour ride home, they chatted about the experience. At some point the conversation turned to the gift shop. Cyndi and Ray both thought the shop was great, but that it could use a book aimed at children. At the same time, Ray and Cyndi said "let's write one about Annie, on Oak Island!" Thus, the book "Annie Goes to Oak Island" was born!

Annie Goes To... children's books are designed to introduce children to wonderful places on our earth, and to teach them about interesting times in our history. The stories are generally best for children between 6 and 12, but he illustrations will appeal to younger children.

Oak Island Acorns (fans) of all ages should also have this book in their collection!

An adventure for all ages...

About Cyndi

Cyndi Bussey Teaches Computer Science at a vocational high school. She raises and shows boston terriers and whippets as a hobby. Cyndi loves to garden, swim and kayak, and, of course, is an avid fan of The Curse of Oak Island. On one snowy Saturday in December of 2017, Cyndi turned on the TV, and started surfing. She came upon the History Channel, watched a few minutes, and commented to herself "What the HECK are those guys doing?" Three hours later she was a hopelessly addicted fan!

About Raymond

Ray Johnson works in Human Services, is a professional dog handler, and has raised and shown whippets for 40 years. Ray loves gardening, antiquing, and caring for his dogs. This photo is with baby Annie!

About Annie

In the fall of 2017, Ray Johnson arrived at Cyndi's house with a little black and white bundle, announcing "here is your new whippet, Cyndi!" Cyndi was not expecting a new whippet, but who could turn such an adorble puppy down! Annie is now almost three years old! She is an AKC Grand Champion, and has had a litter of pups of her own. She is also a registered Therapy Dog. Annie has been to Oak Island several times, and loves to walk the Mystery Tour!

Annie searches for "treasure" on Oak Island!

Latest News
Annie Goes to Oak Island officially went on sale at Oak Island, June 2019
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